This is my end of degree project. The concept behind it is to create a restaurant for lonely people. My main inspiration was the movie Babette’s Feast.

The main concept is that by eating together, people will become closer. We have to combat the generational gap, because most of the lonely people are senile.

quince means fifteen. The restaurant is for fifteen people and there are fifteen courses in the menu. My written thesis had fifteen segments and was defended in fifteen minutes.

I wanted to design as much as I could, I designed the visual identity, packaging, table, flatware, glassware, tableware...

This project coul not have been done if it wasn’t for Gara Morales, who helped as a culinary advisor.



Visual identity for Tenerife Shorts X

The concept has been a fusion of the analog and the digital. We took pre-cinematographic images and represented them using ASCII, a primitive method of visualization on screens (before raster times).

The first phase consisted of taking the images from and processing them to give them movement. For the typographic part, several animations were created in Cinema 4D.

To achieve the ASCII effect, the most controlled method we have found is to use Cavalry. Thanks to the Image Sampler tool, it was possible to represent light and dark values with letters and colors.